4 Places to Have Your Wedding in Singapore

There are so many beautiful places throughout the world you can get married in; so how do you begin choosing a place to have your wedding? Although the world is a great big place, Singapore is a beautiful location to hold your wedding, and that is just scratching the surface.

There are various places throughout Singapore that are perfect for hosting a wedding. While in Singapore, your guests can take in the fresh air and beauty that can be found throughout this beautiful country. Also, consider having your wedding videotaped. Why not record such a perfect memory by having a wedding videographer in Singapore? Wedding Videography in Singapore is a great way to capture your wedding to remember it forever.

There are several different places throughout Singapore that are perfect for wedding services. You can choose a venue based on your budget, desired ascetics, or location. The options are absolutely endless. Below are four places to have your wedding in Singapore.

A Thrill for Heights

The Salt Bar and Sky Grill is a wonderful, elegant place for your next wedding. Here you will find a beautiful view overlooking the countryside. Here you will find both a beautiful view and everything you need for a beautiful wedding.


A Love for Nature

Burkill Hall is located out in the countryside of Singapore and is wonderful for anyone who loves the outdoors. The area is surrounded by a beautiful garden, one that will instantly capture your guests’ attention. This location is perfect if you are trying to avoid the hustle and wedding video in Singapore bustle, but still desire a quaint atmosphere.

If You Have Lots of Guests

Try considering Flower Field Hall. This beautiful and large venue is located within the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. Here, you will have plenty of room for your guest, and your guests will dine in comfort with a beautiful view.

Hotel Ballroom Reception

Another option for your next wedding in Singapore is to have it at the Four Seasons. Here, you have the option of multiple ballrooms, while still maintaining the elegance of a more intimate setting. Make sure you have wedding videography in Singapore to capture your beautiful wedding.

Overall, if you are considering getting married in Singapore, consider these few location ideas. Whether you want to have a wedding outdoors or with a beautiful and breath-taking view, your options are endless in Singapore. Visit www.truelovestories.com.sg for more information.